Transportation of over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargoes



Jotvainis, UAB is one of the few companies specializing in the transportation of over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargoes in Lithuania and across the borders. Over-dimensional cargo transportation is a particularly challenging type of transportation services which require special well-maintained equipment, permits and clearances, prior agreements, specially trained drivers and cargo escort, where necessary.

Jotvainis, UAB operates a fleet of vehicles consisting of trucks and semi-trailers. Besides regular 13.6 meters-long platforms, we have special extended-deck or low-deck semi-trailers. They are used to carry standard, non-standard and heavy-lift cargoes in Lithuania and abroad.

Main countries covered include: Latvia, Estionia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, , Belarus, Russia. 

Most frequently carried cargoes: reinforced concrete products(beams, slabs, columns), machineryheavy-duty equipment, helicopters, tractors, containers of different sizes, metal or wood structures.

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